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2018 Coastal Chaos Skills Challenge Invitational Brackets

Below are brackets for this weekend’s tournament.  We have a good turnout in 10u and 12u.  We do have one coach pitch that is looking for someone to play; so beat the bushes and let’s find someone to come out and play for next weekend.  The tournament will be held at the Long Beach Softball Complex located at 780 Klondyke Road, Long Beach, MS.

Each division will play their pool games.  Then between the pool and bracket games, we’ll do the skills competition.  Each coach will divide their team into three separate groups.  One group will do pitching, one will do hitting, and the final group will do a relay run.  I’ll need a coach from each team to help keeping their scores.  I’ve have more instructions on Saturday morning.  This was a very popular event last year for both players and parents.

Below are some general notes about our tournaments:

  • Players must Age Up to their Jan 1st Playing Age
  • Tournament Format: One pool game followed by double elimination
  • Tournament Entry Fee: CP $150 & FP $175; Fall Champ: CP $200 & FP $225
  • Teams must provide one playable ball for each game.
  • Must bat your lineup in pool games. Bracket play may bat any number including your lineup.
  • Pool games: 1 hour time limit – finish the batter.  One-half inning is 3 outs or 5 runs max.
  • Individual Awards Only for 1st & 2nd – No team trophy
  • Seeding: Teams will be seeded into brackets by blind draw (You draw-you play)
One issue we need to address.  The hosting organization operates a concession as additional avenue to raise money so their players can participate in softball.  Each team may bring one team cooler for their players.  But we ask everyone to not bring their personal coolers, ice chests, sandwiches, pizza, whatever in the ball park.  Our tournaments are the lowest cost of any tournament you’ll find.  It’s due to our hosts not having to pay for field rentals and volunteers that work the tournament.  So please respect the efforts of our tournament host to raise money to support their young ladies.  Every bit of the money raised this weekend will go to the Coastal Chaos softball organization for their girls.  We greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks for Playing USA Softball!