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International Softball Federation Certification

Receiving ISF certification is a program for the elite USA Softball Umpire, not available to any other softball organization. Once the umpire is certified as an ISF umpire, he/she is available to umpire at World (adult or junior men’s and women’s) or Regional Softball Championships, including the Pan American Games and the Olympics. Certification can be achieved in fast pitch, slow pitch, or modified pitch levels.

A total of 213 U.S. umpires have been certified in this program since it began in 1978. Considering there have been nearly 100,000 registered umpires during that span of time, it is indeed an honor to hold this certification. Of that total, only 129 are active – 57 in fast pitch, 28 in slow pitch and 44 in modified pitch.

In international competition the highest assignment an umpire can achieve is a World Tournament and/or the Olympics.