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National Indicator Fraternity

This reward program has been available to USA Softball umpires since 1986. It was originally started as a program for those umpires who have been assigned and officiated in three national championships, but did not qualify or gain approval for International Softball Federation (ISF) certification. Today it is considered the highest level reward program for USA Softball Umpires, not including the USA Softball Hall of Fame Umpire classification or ISF certification.

There are currently 2,212 members certified with the National Indicator Fraternity (NIF), with approximately 100-125 added annually. The applicant must have been an USA Softball registered umpire for at least seven (7) years, but does not have to be currently active. To qualify the umpire must have umpired or served as a national championship UIC or assistant UIC for three nationals, or can substitute attendance at an USA Softball Advanced Umpire School for one of the nationals. Approval by the local commissioner and the Regional UIC is mandatory for acceptance. Cost is $15 and the umpire receives a certificate, membership card and a patch.

The program is popular for those umpires who have advanced to the next level, and as a result have umpired in three nationals. It is a select group, considering that there are nearly 50,000 umpires nationwide. Applications must be received by Dec. 1st of each year in order for your name to be permanently displayed in the National Hall of Fame and printed annually in the USA Softball Code Book.