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2019 Gulf Coast Championships Brackets & Info

Below are brackets this weekend’s Gulf Coast Championships.  We have 32 teams.  The tournament will be held at the A.J. Holloway Biloxi Sportsplex.  The address to the field is 765 Wells Dr, Biloxi. At the request of some of the teams, we added more times between games for the younger girls.  With 10 teams in tee ball and coach pitch, it’s a really hard day for those older players.  As as result, coach pitch and 10u will finish on Sunday.  Only the top 4 teams in each bracket will have to play though.  So overall, we’re hoping for a more player friendly schedule.

Biloxi does have a curfew of 11 PM.  So if we run into any schedule issues on Saturday, we might have to push more to Sunday.  Hopefully not as the forecast looks good for this weekend.  So please be sure to have your player start hydrating on Friday night.

Also below is a Roster and Waiver Form.  This weekend is a little different.  Each team will need to complete the roster and turn it in at Check-in.  The parent signatures do not have to be completed…   Once a roster has been turned in… that’s the eligible players for this tournament.  There will be no pickup players once the team starts their first game.

State Championships
Below is a link to the State Tournaments.  If you want to play in a State Tournament, please register online..  If you need pay to by check or cash, please let us know this weekend.  We can collect your entry fee and get you entered.  Here’s the link to the state tournament listing and registration page:

For more information on getting ready for Championship Play, please refer to https://usasoftballsouthms.com/?p=3567.

We appreciate everyone coming to play this weekend.  Proceeds from this tournament will go to the Biloxi Girls Softball League as the host of this week’s tournament.

Thanks for Playing USA Softball!