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2019 USA Softball of Mississippi Championships Tournament Entry

It’s Championship Play Time…. Winning an Invitational Tournament sure is fun, but being a State Champion is really something special.  So we hope everyone comes out to play in the USA Softball of Mississippi State Championships.  USA Softball is an open organization.  Anyone is welcome to register and come play.

The deadline for registering is fast approaching Tuesday, June 18th, 2019.  So please register as soon as possible so we can plan the event.  Registering early always help draw out more teams.  The purpose of this post/email is to outline the steps you have to go through to get registered.  Don’t worry, we’ll help you get through it.  Please let me know if you need anything.


Here’s a link to full list of USA Softball of Mississippi State Tournament are listed below:
USA Softball of Mississippi Championship Tournaments

For teams wanting to compete in the 10U or 12U Class C South or North State, they must meet the following guidelines:
—  All players must come from the same league.
—  All players must have been on a league roster before the season was half over.
—  A player on a C team roster cannot be on any other USA Softball roster.
— Once a league all-star team is picked, the team can play in tournaments BUT the players cannot play in tournaments with any other team
—  **Class C teams MUST come from a registered USA Softball registered league.


Below is a checklist of items necessary for Championship Play:

  1. Online Tournament Registration.  Registering for a Tournament is very easy. Just click the list of Championship Play events.  Then find the tournament your team wants to play in.  Click the link out beside it.  Provide the information, select the payment method, then hit submit.
  2. Tournament Entry Fee.  The tournament entry fee must be submitted with the Tournament Entry Form.  Online payment is available.  But a check can also be mailed to cover the entry fee.  Fast Pitch is $350.00.  The State Tournament will either be two pool to double elimination or a three game guarantee.  Coach Pitch South State is straight double elimination and the Tournament Entry Fee is $200.00.  There is also a $10 convenience fee for paying online to cover the credit card transaction fees.
  3. Championship Roster.  You will need to complete a Championship Roster will all your players listed and parent’s signatures.  The completed roster including parent signatures will be submitted at the tournament check-in.  Here’s a link to the Official USA Softball Roster & Waiver Form:
    Official Roster and Waiver Form
  4. USA Softball Individual Registration.  All players participating in USA Softball Championship Play must be Individually Registered.  This is a national requirement.  Most of your players should are already Individually Registered.  The cost is $15 per player.  The preferred method of submitting the Individual Registration including payment is online at this URL:
  5. ACE Certification.  At least one Coach must be ACE Certified.  I highly recommend the ACE training.  You get the training, background check, liability insurance and identification card with proof of the background check.  The certification can be completed online at http://www.registerusasoftball.com/.  It’s $25 for Level 1 and $20 for Levels 2-4.  You only need one level per year.  You also have to renew it every year.  As the National Governing Body of Softball and member of the United States Olympic Committee, we are now required to comply with SafeSport training.  SafeSport’s mission to enable all athletes to  participate in sports free from sexual harrassment and bullyingin sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse.  The ACE Certification process will require going through the SafeSport Online Training Program.
  6. Background Checks:  Every person in the dugout must have a background check.  You can do just the background check at http://registerusasoftball.com/.  It’s included with the ACE Training above which I firmly believe is a better deal.
  7. Birth Certificates.  You must present a birth certificate for each player at the tournament.  Copies are fine.  If you don’t have a birth certificate, one of the following forms of birth verification or proof of age must be available to the Tournament Director:  Birth Certificate, hospital certificate, baptismal certificate, driver’s license, or a valid passport.  Photocopies of any of the above are acceptable for J.O. identification.
  8. Recent Photo.  You must have a recent photo for each player with the birth certificate.
  9. Notebook.  It’s best to keep a notebook with all your players birth certificates, photos and Individual Registration Cards.  I keep a binder with everything for a player in a single sheet protector.  It also helps if your Tournament Director if they are in the same order as on the roster.
  10. Nationals.  If you want to play in a National Tournament, please tell you State Tournament Director at the tournament.

Thank you for Playing USA Softball!