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2019 Long Beach Invitational Brackets

Below are the brackets for this weekend’s tournament.  The address is 780 Klondyke Road, Long Beach, MS.
We’ve been fortunate not to have too much rain today.  Forecast is improving.. but Long Beach really wants to get the tournament in.  It’s always an aggravation when you can’t finish a tournament.  So the tournament officials have decided to forego pool play in the interest of maximizing the potential of completing bracket play.  Frankly it sounds like a good decision.  So everything is straight double elimination.
In 10U bracket play, one half inning will consist of 3 outs or 7 runs. Seven runs is the max score per inning no matter what. If a team cannot possibly win and time has expired, the game will be over. There will also be no dropped third strike. A dropped third strike will be an out.

Please be prepared for the possibility of wet stuff… It’s alway a good idea to keep a few dry rags in the ball bag.

I’m on my way to USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium.  I’ll be coaching one of the 12U All-American teams… it’s the Region 4 Red team.  I’m more excited than the players.  I’ll be coaching on the Stadium Field this Sunday night at 8:00 PM.  You might have seen it on TV.. UCLA and Oklahoma played on it the other night in the NCAA Womens College World Series….
Thanks for Play USA Softball!